Cut-to-length bar stock – The Barstock Table

The Base Table

Raytech Measuring Systems barstock table
Barstock Table

Like all of our tables, the Barstock table starts as a welded steel frame. The frame then gets powder-coated with a textured finish which makes it durable enough for use on the shop floor.

Once the frame is finished, we then mount a ground steel plate to the top using a series of leveling bolts. These bolts let us adjust the top relative to the frame. By doing this, we get a flat working surface to support your material.

After the top is leveled, we mount the linear bearings and encoders, making sure they are straight and parallel for maximum accuracy. Assemble the parts, calibrate the table using a NIST-traceable laser system, and the machine is ready to be delivered.

Bar Stock Applications

Precision ground V-block

The table is designed for checking bar stock materials. There are precision ground V-blocks which will support the material and keep it centered. The V-blocks and angle plates will support and cover material up to six inches in diameter. The angle plates have hardened steel inserts to keep them from wearing as you measure multiple parts.

The Display

Heidenhain ND 780 readout on Raytech Measuring Systems barstock table
Heidenhain Digital Readout

The signal from our Heidenhain scale goes to a Heidenhain digital readout which shows you the length of your bar stock. The display can be configured to show either imperial or metric measurements, and data can be sent out an RS-232 port to a data-collection or reporting system.

Demo Video

We know that pictures and text can only go so far in demonstrating a product, so embedded below is a video showing the barstock table in use. If after watching this you still have questions, please send us a message through the form below. We would love to talk to you about your application.

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