Archiving QC 3000 Settings

If you have one of our three axis tables, you might have an older QC 3000 series readout (QC 3210, or QC 3300). These displays are obsolete and cannot be sent in for service. When they eventually fail, you will need to replace them with an updated ND 1400 readout.

Until that day comes, you may want to save your configuration information so it can be uploaded back into the readout should the battery backup fail. This procedure listed below will explain how to do this.

Note that, for each item that ends with an asterisk (*), you will record that page, then press the “QUIT” key to return to the previous menu. On other pages, I will suggest you record the page, then advance using the “NEXT” key. Recording can be as simple as using a camera and taking a picture of the screen, or if you have a software package for serial communication, you can print the screen to a text file on your computer.


  1. Press the “UTILITIES” key
  2. Press the “SETTINGS” softkey
  3. Press the “PORT1” softkey * (this is the first item to record and then press “QUIT”)
  4. Press the “PORT2” softkey *
  5. Press the “DISPLAY” softkey *
  6. Press the “QUIT” key to return to the utilities menu
  7. Press the “SUPER” softkey. This will take you to a password screen for the supervisor setup
  8. Using the numeric keypad, enter the code “070583” and press the “ENTER” key
  9. Press the “ENCRES” softkey *
  10. Press the “ERRCOR” softkey
  11. Press the “SLEC” softkey. This will show you the first 10 error correction values for the X axis. Record this screen, then press the “NEXT” key.
  12. Repeat the above step an additional 5 times. This will record the second page of X axis corrections, both pages of Y axis corrections, and both pages of Z axis corrections.
  13. When you have finished this recording, pres the “QUIT” key 3 times.

This should give you a recording of the primary settings needed to restore functionality of your system. There will be a few other settings that will need checked, such as axis counting direction, probe qualification, and keypad settings. These items cannot be easily recorded. When the time comes, contact Raytech for information on setting these items. Ideally, you will have a phone near the machine so we can walk through the steps in real time.