Upgrading from the old

This website as a metaphor for quality control

Screenshot of the previous Raytech website
Hello, 1990’s. Here’s your website.

Take a look at that picture of beauty. That was our website prior to what you’re reading now. Don’t get me wrong. It was practical, it was functional, but it certainly had room for improvement. Maybe your quality control department is the same way. The tape measure, steel rule, caliper, pin gage, etc. all have their uses, and sometimes they’re adequate for the job, but it might be time to consider an upgrade.

When I first talked to my boss, a.k.a. the owner, a.k.a. Dad, about upgrading the website, there was the usual expected questions of “How long will it take?” and “How much will it cost?” Like any kind of expenditure, I had to convince him that the time involved in making the change would be worthwhile in the long run. It took setting up a test site locally, adding some filler content, and showing him how things could be with everything being updated.

Since you’re reading this blog, obviously my sell job worked out and we spent the time and effort to upgrade the site. In the same way, you might have to do a bit of a sell job on a manager/owner in your place to justify upgrading your quality control equipment. If that’s the case, contact us. We can put you in touch with other clients who can provide testimonials. If you want to send us a sample part that’s giving you trouble, we can shoot a demo video and upload it. We’ll do what we can to help you make the case that an upgrade to a Raytech table is worth the expense.